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Zach Whelan, a sports passionate, started Powerplay Management to empower athletes beyond the field. We are specialised in personalised athlete management, focusing on contract negotiation, sponsorships, marketing, and career planning to maximise opportunities and foster holistic growth.


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Zach Whelan

Zach is a member of our very own talent pathway programs in Australia where he represented both his state and country and underage level. Through his extensive network Zach has built a reputation developing and assisting talent through their very own path. Zach prides himself on having strong relationships with the players, brands and the wider cricket community to maximise each of his clients individual needs. Zach is also the current General Manager of the Northcote Cricket Club in Victoria’s Premier competition which allows him to keep a good eye on the next crop of talent coming through.

“I enjoyed my time as a junior cricketer myself and very early on I had the ambition to become a professional player. While that did not work out how I would have liked, I was lucky enough to know quite quickly that I still wanted a career within sport. This is when I had two choices, become a young coach or become a young agent. I love helping athletes and assisting them throughout their pathway and professional careers. There is no better feeling when a client succeeds, but at that same time, you know and appreciate that you have had to go through multiple tough moments with clients, just to reach the successful moment.”

Zack Whelan


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We help athletes in all sports by offering personalised attention. Our boutique agency focuses on one-on-one time with each client to create the best opportunities for them.

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After seven years of working within the Sports Management industry and gaining quality experience and knowledge through his mentors, Founder Zach Whelan decided to create PowerPlay Management in 2019.

Passionate about sport and those involved, Zach wanted to continue creating and opening opportunities for all athletes within sports. Being a boutique agency allows the company to focus heavily on one-on-one time with its clients, maximising opportunities available both on and off the field. PowerPlay specialises in contract negotiation, sponsorship, marketing, and career planning.

We endeavour to assist our athletes in all aspects of life and sports, creating a culture that not only helps them become leading athletes but also better people. Like our athletes, we understand that nothing is ever given; it is earned, both on and off the field through hard work and dedication.

“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.” – Jerry Rice (#1 NFL Player Of All Time)

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We focus on personalised athlete management, covering contract negotiation, sponsorships, marketing, and career planning. Our goal is to maximise opportunities and support overall athlete growth.